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Key departments of Rockville locksmith
Rockville locksmith employees highly qualified locksmith professionals

Rockville locksmith employs qualified, competent and reliable staff members. They do this by placing advertisements in newspapers when new opportunities open up in Rockville locksmith.  The sent resumes are screened, their references contacted and a background check done on each applicant. 
The department is also responsible for conducting interviews; one or two interviews depending on the nature of the vacancy.  This department also performs orientation for new staff members to Rockville locksmith. They provide all the necessary information that a Rockville locksmith staff member requires. Each new hire gets a Rockville locksmith staff handbook, gets information on the benefits, policies and procedures to be followed while employed at Rockville locksmith.

This department offers employment letters to new hires of Rockville locksmith. They are also responsible for making sure that Rockville locksmith staff members are paid their salaries on time and ensure that salary scales in Rockville locksmith remain competitive by reviewing them twice annually. This department also coordinates the training of new hires to Rockville locksmith. Regular trainings and mentoring programs are also held for all Rockville locksmith staff members to further develop their skills. This department also plays a major role in conducting performance reviews for employees at Rockville locksmith, handling their complaints, and helping resolve disputes.

Customer Service by Rockville Locksmith:
The main responsibility for this department is to make sure that all Rockville locksmith customers are happy enough with the services offered to pass positive feedback to others and to also come back. It does this by providing a 24/7, toll free call service where by any calls made to Rockville locksmith are answered by trained customer care agents who ensure that whatever issue the customer has called to report on is dealt with. There are two types of issues that customers report on; one that can be sorted on phone and the other where a Rockville locksmith technician has to be involved. The customer care agents have received adequate training to know how to deal with each and every issue that is raised by customers.

There are also instances where a customer comes to Rockville locksmith offices to report an issue. The receptionist directs the customer to a Rockville locksmith customer care agent, who listens and resolves the issue.

Customer care agents are also responsible for giving advice to customers, who come to or call Rockville locksmith, on the right locks to use. The customer care agent that the customer approaches shows the Rockville locksmith catalogue for locks to the customer and explains the different devices that each lock would be best suited for. Once the customer decides on the lock to purchase, the agent links the customer with a technician from Rockville locksmith to have the selected lock fitted. The customer, on purchasing a lock from Rockville locksmith, is entitled to training on how to use the lock, repairs in case the lock malfunctions and 24/7 customer care service.